Air Jordan 1 Nike Jordan series, being the first generation of basketball shoes, was born in 1985, because this is the first NBA double-color black and red shoes, so let us remember it at first glance. By this pair of shoes has spawned another classic retro shoes --Nike Dunk 1984 rookie in NBA history called the strongest term. So, when you have the third pick of the Bulls chose the University of North Carolina, Michael Jordan, many people choose not to understand them. In their view, the Bulls may have a better choice. But the fact that everyone is wrong, this thin young man is the most excellent. Jordan entering the arena, it has shown him king of the air. Under rookie season average of 28.2 points shoot, not only is the team's leading scorer, but throughout the Union after the Pollard Jr. and Larry Bird, ranked third. His rebounds, assists and steals in the Bulls are the first. With brave performance, doing my part to become Rookie Jordan, also selected Rookie, NBA-NBA Second Team, NBA All-Star Game starter east. More importantly, under his leadership, the Bulls made ​​a record of 38 wins and 44 losses, again rounded out the playoffs. Jordan's first career playoff opponent is the Milwaukee Bucks. Although the Bulls with a total score of 1 to 3 ended sadly, but Jordan averaged 29.3 points score to tell people: NBA ushered in a superstar. 2 sneakers birth Editor "Air," which is the nickname the people gave Jordan. Not only because of his amazing jumping, often making incredible action in the field, but also because his feet Air Jordan 1. "Air Jordan", which is the agency launched nike Jordan signature shoe's name. Not only reflects the technological process of shoes, Jordan can also reflect the style of play. And during the Thanksgiving 1984 launch of the ad, then a lot of people left a deep impression. First shot from the air overlooking the Chicago overview, followed by a whistling sound coming from the engine, Jordan ran in slow motion shots, the hands to catch a basketball, dribble to the next basket, legs unfold, one hand held high basketball in one hand and a straight stretch under the front, the ball into the buckle. At this point the voice-over sounded: Who says he is not flying! Jordan nike fantastic stadium outstanding performance coupled with advertising, so performance is not outstanding Air Jordan 1 has achieved great success. 1985 sales of these shoes reached $ 130 million! The second year in September, Air Jordan 1 has sold 2.3 million pairs, become a miracle in the history of sports shoes. nike Jordan exciting action put the clips together on the court, accompanied by a song called "Jump" in English. I think that can be regarded as the early music MV. At a news conference, Michael seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable. No wonder, he has not had contact with this business occasions. Throughout the conference, I've been staring at Michael's face, his facial muscles are always stiff. No smile, maybe he really meant was something else. Soon after, nike tailored for his first trapeze boots. But basketball is a collective movement to emphasize, when this move caused a lot of controversy. Bulls general manager Rod Thorn (now Nets general manager) and I talked on this matter, "Michael is a basketball player, not a tennis player, too much emphasis on the individual is not right." His argument is not without reason in people's minds was only tennis, boxing such individual projects have special equipment, a basketball team of all athletes should be uniformed. 3 Retro Edition Editor Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro color high-top version of Chicago This weekend, publish l iconic Air Jordan 1 retro high-top version, let us look carefully at this double Air Jordan 1 Retro color. The iconic Chicago style, Air Jordan 1 with respect to the former there are several subtle differences, on the tongue and heel, the use of smooth leather tongue design Jumpman logo. The classic color combination is the point of the original, white / red color. "Chicago," the Air Jordan 1 retro high-top is expected to January 5 日 (星期六) on sale [1]. 4 Jordan own evaluation Editor Mercurial series Nike's most brilliant ingenuity of football products released since then completely changed the design of football boots. Nike Mercurial c Lo Boots Nike Mercurial c Lo Boots Nike designer Peter Hudson (Peter Hudson) is able to produce one of the lightest, fastest football boots, at the beginning of the outline design sketches, they decisively to make a decision: no restrictions. After the exclusion of money, time and manufacturing processes and other factors, the designer can be fanciful, break all the scientific boundaries, creating an all-carbon fiber football boots. This initiative unprecedented. For Nike, the results of this initiative is the birth of a Mercurial SL: 190 grams of weight So that the lightest Nike Mercurial SL football boots topped the throne, and it is by far the fastest response, toughness strongest and most solid football boots. The entire section extremely simple shoes, without the slightest extra design, while not losing any performance. From the beginning, Mercurial SL is not designed for sale, it is designed with the same concept car: to lead innovation, to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of design and engineering. However, Mercurial SL in creating new concepts while having a shock effect, Nike found that these innovative ideas and products to the athletes will be more meaningful. Studs and spikes in Korea added to the soles by injection molding, to form a single large bottom piece. Spike is running fast athletes provide an ideal grip, so athletes in the stadium dribbling or running can accelerate quickly. SL is designed to be very small heel guard fighting for position fixing heel. Nike Research Centre in Italy Montebelluna, engineers create a new process, which will this stubborn carbon fiber material to shape the sports shoe soft uppers. The form must be functional services. Mercurial SL colors are mainly black with carbon fiber. Only add color is pink Nike tick. O designer Peter Hudson explained that "this can not help leaned colors make you look and you'll see the exquisite design details." Said Mr. Hu Desen, "Mercurial SL is our honor commitments - a light quality, superior performance and quick acceleration football boots was born, it is not only the establishment of athletic ability footballer's a new benchmark, but also a breakthrough concept product restrictions, a vision based entirely on the design of products. we specialize in Mercurial SL football while making and design and aesthetics in one. " Mercurial SL is remarkably fast for athletes, spokesperson for the Real Madrid superstar, worth up to 94 million euros in the c Lo and Chelsea star "Warcraft" Drogba. Tiempo Legend Series Nike Tiempo Legend, by soccer shoes, fans called the "legend." Legend in soccer shoes consumer market, just as in the automotive consumer markets, since birth, they have never had a lack of sales, each new generation, will stimulate discussion and concern of the boom, indeed, be considered a sustainable football shoes "Legend." The third-generation Legend divided into four levels, total of five soles (Famous is not the same, all the family market, the momentum of fairly grand). Four levels from high to low are: Tiempo Legend, Tiempo Classic, Tiempo Mystic, Tiempo Natural. Five soles, in addition to IC and TF flat interior bottom end of the low-end of broken nails, the other three are the spikes, namely SG, AG, FG. June 9, 2011 the latest release of the Legend IV Elite June 9, 2011 the latest release of the Legend IV Elite The new Tiempo Legend IV combines the seventeen years of continuous improvement process, aimed at creating timeless quality. Tiempo on behalf of touch, tradition and technology, many advantages rolled into one. It meets the needs of today's elite players and continuous improvement. Nike Tiempo is part of the DNA of football shoulder the responsibility of adhering to the traditional elements, while not forgetting to seek innovation. Tiempo Legend IV boots refused to rely on past glory. Instead, it is brewing a glorious and exciting future to create. Tongue, heel, vibrant orange details on the studs and laces not only maintained its usual superb technology, but also the full evolution of innovation. Tiempo Elite series of high-quality leather chosen both wearable and soft, giving players wear comfortable, flexible ball-sensitive and ball feel. Excellent touch, tough and lightweight carbon fiber chassis, and improved fly line technology and other innovative technologies spikes, giving Tiempo Return of the King-like shock. Improved stitching uppers to further enhance the softness of the shoe, the shoe slack to minimize the somatosensory cortex, and the new insole cushioning without deformation. When players strenuous exercise, foot and heel boots super support makes the response more quickly. Lightweight carbon soles boots plate hardness in strengthening while avoiding too rigid. Spike rounded blade with two central players to provide for their needs most powerful grip. Nike fly line technology with superior midfoot lock function, with exceptional support force, while enhancing the ball boots comfort and handling. Tiempo Legend IV is by far the lightest Tiempo boots, 20 grams lighter than the previous generation. T90 Series T90 is the most lethal boots soccer field, can provide extremely loving goal striker T90 Series soccer shoes T90 Series soccer shoes High accuracy. It uses a unique shot-shield technology that allows players to attack arbitrarily, without sacrificing accuracy for the price. When exposed to the ball, Nike Total90 instep wings can generate sustained pressure on the ball and achieve great precision at high speeds. In addition, the orthopedic memory foam to make the surface smoother boots, when a direct shot can enhance the strength and accuracy. Upper middle curved fins, each fin has targeted to set up a slash and size, so that players can better control the ball steering. T90 synthetic materials upper, outsole with forefoot columnar palm knife nail nail to ensure stability while reducing pressure on the foot, side lacing design, to avoid the oppression of the foot vessels. CTR360 Series CTR360 first ball has excellent ability to provide instant control of the breaking ball and the players CTR360 series of soccer shoes CTR360 series of soccer shoes Advantage. CTR360's outsole with dual density studs, spikes coupled with its unique geometric design, the soles of the feet can better stop the ball and the ball, but its artificial kangaroo leather uppers made ​​specifically for the ball and the ball The optimal design. Nike Classic "Silver Steel" series Following the Foamposite One and Foamposite Pro release new color, classic shoes Nike Total Air Foamposite Max upcoming silver and black color, this color of the Total Air Foamposite Max nickname "Silver Steel", the picture is the first year in 1998, "Silver Steel "pictures. 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Air Force 1 was born in 1982, is deeply rooted in the basketball movement. Was selected six basketball players to endorse this shoe: Moses Malone (Moses Malone), Michael Cooper (Michael Cooper), Jamaal Wilkes (Jamaal Wilkes), Bobby Jones (Bobby Jones) Mitchell Thompson (Mychal Thompson) and Calvin Knight (Calvin Natt), they are carefully selected defensive specialist, who will this basketball shoe to the world. Classic posters, tough stance, Malone and his partners show AF1 six elements of success: great, durable, and beyond, bold, consistent and pure. Nike Air Force One (Air Force) was born in 1982, it is deeply rooted in the basketball movement. Sub-brand Jordan series Jordan Brand is one of its brands NIKE, Jordan Brand that white is a subsidiary of NIKE below, under the NIKE, has R & D capabilities, but sales are still in accordance with NIKE's sales strategy. Jordan Sport Series including Jordan series of basketball shoes, training shoes and sports jerseys are strong permeability and high stability, both functional and avant-garde styling products, including the AJ series of shoes, more launch to 23 generations, after title to release year, such as AJ2010, while leaving many fans love the engraved version. Jordan Lifestyle series is to stimulate a variety of design inspiration in the elements of the movement, such as baseball clothes casual clothes, long, short-sleeved shirt, wool vest or not a novelty jeans, engraved in Jordan Lifestyle series across the sports wear presents diverse everyday casual style. Derivative shoes Nike's latest technology and creativity are generally armed in the lead on the positive generation of Air Jordan sneakers, But with new technology and ideas inevitably experimental purposes, so that the idea may be ahead, but performance may be compromised. For example: Joe 7 "Huarache concept", cover design, Joe 22 "titanium metal plate", etc. Ever since the beginning of the AJ 16, each generation Jordan shoes will launch a special, enhanced version, by modifying its details to make it more suitable for combat, close to the essence of shoes. Shoes name suffix general use "+" "SE" "PE" ". 5" Air Jordan shoes derivatives AW77 Series 1977, Jeff Hollister (Geoff Hollister), Nike (Blue Ribbon at the time) in the third employee, create a track and field dynasty - the Western Athletic Association (Athletics West). It is a pilgrimage place for all track and field athletes, the gold medalist, record breaker, long-distance and sprinters ...... sports arena talent who have joined! Everyone from the Pacific Ocean toward the northeast direction, all full of ambition from. Annual precipitation in the land of 50.9 inches of wet, silently struggle, hard training. Jeff is determined to set them tailored hoodie for training and life. He buried the design day, and suddenly the idea came! He hoodie zipper half, making it lighter weight, but with a more personal multi-layer waterproof breathable hood. It is the first designed specifically for racing hoodie, it is the legendary AW77 prototype. HTM series Nike HTM series Nike HTM series By Japanese fashion godfather Hiroshi Fujiwara (Hiroshi Fujiwara), Nike legendary designer Tinker Hatfield and Nike CEO Mark Parker teamed up to launch the top footwear series. HTM AIR FORCE ONE use of advanced materials made ​​of. There are two generations of this series, the first generation of selected high-level leather, the second generation is selected crocodile striae design. An AF1 shoes. HTM series also includes WOVEN, WOVEN BOOT, FOOTSCAPE WOVEN, fLYknit shoes and so on. 6 Production Process Editor NIKE company since 1999, the use of electronic data interchange contact their supplier, directly to the style, color and number of conditions such as garments way to EDI orders and pay loan period is shortened to three to four months. It also requires the supply of fabric weaving factory first U.S. corporation to report a newly developed fabric swatches, fabric by the designer to choose the right design for the clothing style after, and then the next one to garment manufacturers; garment manufacturers and fabric used also NIKE company must be approved by weaving factory production. In this way, weaving plant must plan ahead for NIKE company to buy the new product. But because the fabric is designated buyer, the buyer give clothing manufacturers to reduce the time set cloth, garment manufacturers will increasingly shorter delivery time, reduced from the previous 180 days to 90 days. NIKE return to the US market in China produced 95 percent of NIKE shoes. NIKE company in China's business model is based on agents operating mainly small part of the business open my own business operations. Like Dodge, Rena, across the world, the first exploration companies are NIKE agency. NIKE mode of transport in China is mainly road transport, as well as a small number of related air transport. Foreign products entrust a third party logistics company shipped via air transport directly located in major cities in China NIKE corporate offices warehouse, such as Beijing, Harbin, Shanghai. Products manufactured in China also commissioned a third-party logistics companies to the way road freight transported located in major cities in China NIKE corporate offices warehouse. This part of the transport, warehousing costs are borne by the NIKE company. For NIKE company is concerned, do not do shipping, transport links are completed by a third party logistics company, transportation costs only assume from the origin to the warehouse this link regional offices, warehousing is a self-managed office. The main function of the warehouse is that, as the head office directly under the store's warehouse, not every agency's warehouse; Another important feature is the transit warehouse, after the product shipped to regional warehouses from the origin, the agency immediately shipped to their warehouse to pick up so do libraries use transit. Each agency-owned vehicles, to NIKE's local office warehouse delivery, shipped to their warehouse, and then shipped to the agency's various shops. This part of the transport, warehousing is done on their own agency, transportation, warehousing costs are borne by the agency. Soon after the first pair of Jordan shoes come out, I naturally was the first person to try. When I first saw those shoes, I direct staff nike said: "how has this pair of shoes so much color, too difficult to read, I do not want to wear it to play!!" Pete designer shoes Moore let me first shoes back, "you first wear for a while, maybe you'll love it. If it is not satisfied, then we will help you design an addition." I mention the TV drama shoes back, to be honest, I think it looks like a circus clown wearing. Sure enough, on the second day of training, his teammates came up to appreciate my shoes. "Michael, this is the ugliest shoes I've ever seen it!" 90 percent of the people are so against me. But, strange to say, I was getting to like these shoes. When the mole that other people's evaluation, he smiled at me and said:. ". This achieves the effect that no matter what they say, it represents that they have attention on these shoes." For me, the shoes fit wearable like; but for market development, the need for eye-catching shoes, nike certainly have this intention. This thing makes me inspired, but then I put this theory on his motorcycle team