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Will you be our Valentine?


This week we welcome Valentines Day. A highlight on Pan Haggerty's annual calendar and a great chance to share how we feel about our wonderful guests. If you are lucky enough to have a table booked for Friday evening you're in store for one of the most intricately prepared, aphrodisiac laden, menus we've ever laid eyes on.

This week's Geordie Gratin entry is inspired by the personal Valentines day experiences of the PH team. Unlucky in love, the PH team will share some of the lessons theyv'e learned from meals where their obsession with fine food and drink has often meant an early taxi home. It's no secret that we all enjoy great food and drink at Pan Haggerty, but when food and drink is your life it's not surprising that it inevitably makes up a significant proportion of the conversation at dinner. We've compiled some of our favourite examples of what NOT to do when out for a romantic meal, so you can try to avoid a similar fate this February 14th;

1.  "They have Rioja!" 'Fist Pump'

The Wine List. It took a mini trip to Barcelona for one of the PH team to learn that there are no circumstances where it is acceptable to 'fist pump' if a restaurant has your favourite bottle of wine.

2. "Its a choice between the duck, the chicken, the lamb, the sea bass or the risotto"

The Menu. We understand how hard it is for a foodie to browse a menu which has too much choice. However its probably better to make the choice sooner rather than later as indecisiveness is undoubtedly not a very popular choice with your guest.

3. #LookWhatI'veJustEaten

Tweeting at the table. Team PH love a good Tweet but even we can admit that giving your followers a course by course update of your romantic evening isn't going to be popular with your guest.

4. "Wow, You look delicious!"

Its a commonly held belief that it's rude to talk when your eating. Understood. But for the adoding foodies out there, this also goes for talking TO the food. We're no matchmaker but its probably best to complement the person over the food. We on the other other hand would be happy to take your ffeedback.

5. "Have you got any money?"

As one of Team PH recently learned, its never a great end to an evening if you ask your guest to foot the bill. Do remember to make sure you have enough to go Dutch.

We hate letting people down.


We are pleased to announce that Pan Haggerty will continue to offer the Restaurant Week Menu until Friday 28th February*.

Over the past two weeks, the PH team have had the unpleasant job of turning away hundreds of diners including many of our trusty regulars, excited by the prospect of enjoying a wholesome mid-week meal.

Considering high quality food served in hearty portions is at the very heart of what we do, we decided to extend the Restaurant week offer into February only to yet again leave many of our guests wanting.

This simply isn’t right. So, we’ve decided to extend our extension.

We’re inviting all guests who were unable to dine with us including those hoping to dine with us for the very first time, to visit and enjoy the Restaurant Week offer until the end of February.

If you were lucky enough to leave your name on our waiting list, you currently have booking priority and should expect a call over the next 24 hours. Please be sure to reserve your table as soon as possible to prevent us leaving any more of our guests feeling hungry.

Team PH x

*T&C’s Apply

Welcome to ‘Geordie Gratin’


Pan Haggerty

Introducing the Geordie Gratin Weekly Blog

"Welcome to Geordie Gratin", The first attempt by the Pan Haggerty team to lift the lid on life behind the sliced potatoes and uncover what’s truly cooking at 21 Queen Street  (That’s pan-broiling for all you culinary wizards out there).

Each week this space will be dedicated to the pointless musings and brazen experiences of the Pan Haggerty team. The Aim - To cast light on the people behind restaurant who work tirelessly to ensure all of our guests are well fed, well looked after and in some cases well entertained in their home away from home.


(James's infamous Roast Lion of Venison)

We'll be sharing everything from the time our restaurant owner Mike, disguised an auction of his aging cat as a ‘Staff Bonding Evening’ to the infamous spelling blunders of our restaurant manager James, who has unintentionally promised rather experimental dishes like ‘Chocolate Mouse’ and  ‘Roast Lion of Venison’ to our guests. “One day we’ll serve chocolate mice on the menu Jim, One day...”



(Mike, the team and the infamous cat auction)

You can also expect to prosper from the culinary wisdom of the PH Chefs - albeit with some tongue and cheek thrown in for good measure. The kitchen will be sharing recipes to try at home, their latest food fetishes and regular updates about their skirmishes throughout the region to discover new and exciting produce.

And finally, we will be signing off every blog entry with some of our favorite videos, images and articles from the past week (Including a couple which promise to take the edge off the Monday morning woes).

This weeks top of the Pan Haggerty Pops is an article from BBC Magazine. The article highlights the recent news that no food items from the North East of England are being granted protected status by the EU. The clue may be in our name but quite frankly we disagree with the ruling and we're even thinking about leading a 'Protect our Pan Haggerty' campaign. Exciting times ahead!

Next is a deliciously stodgy British pudding recipe by Stevie Parle from The Telegraph

And finally...a video clip of a dog being teased by the prospect of Maple soaked Bacon. We feel his pain.







Restaurant Week Jan 2014 Extended

We love Restaurant Week so much we are starting early, but dont worry if you have already booked for Restaurant Week, we are offering a different menu this week, and our Restaurant Week menu next week!

We are offering 2 courses for £10 and 3 courses for £15 from our Seasonal British Set Menu from the 20th January - 25th January, this is available Mon - Friday 12.00 - 2.30 pm & 5.30 - 7.00pm and Saturday 12.00 - 2.00pm & 5.00 - 6.30 pm.  To view a sample menu CLICK HERE

Please call 0191 221 0904 to book.


Restaurant Week January 2014

We are offering 2 courses for only £10 and 3 course for £15, take a look at the menu CLICK HERE. This menu is available Monday - Saturday lunch times, Monday - Friday night and Saturday early evening 5.00pm - 6.30pm

To book please call us on 0191 221 0904, places are filling up very fast so be quick!

Rustic British Menu

Our new Rustic British Set Menu is now available for Lunch Monday to Friday 12.00pm - 2.30 pm and Early Dinner 5.30pm - 7.00pm and on Saturdays for Lunch 12.00pm - 2.00pm and Early Dinner 5.00pm - 6.30pm. The menu is priced at £12.50 for 2 courses and £16.00 for 3 courses.